Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

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Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner can be a daunting task, but with a little practice and patience, anyone can master this classic and glamorous makeup look. Whether you’re a beginner or a makeup enthusiast, this step-by-step guide will help you achieve a flawless winged eyeliner every time.

Step 1: Prep your eyelids
Before you begin applying eyeliner, it’s important to start with a clean and primed canvas. Apply a small amount of eye primer or concealer on your eyelids to create a smooth and even base. This will help your eyeliner stay in place and prevent smudging throughout the day.

Step 2: Choose the right eyeliner
There are various types of eyeliners available, including gel, liquid, and pencil. For a precise and long-lasting wing, a liquid eyeliner or gel liner with a thin brush is recommended. Ensure that your eyeliner is freshly opened to prevent it from drying out and making the application process difficult.

Step 3: Map out the wing
One of the biggest challenges when it comes to winged eyeliner is achieving symmetry. To make it easier, start by marking where you want your wing to end. Hold a brush or a clean angled brush against the outer corner of your eye, pointing towards the end of your eyebrow. This will help determine the desired wing shape and length.

Step 4: Begin the line
Start from the outer corner of your eye and draw a thin line towards the center of your lid using small, short strokes. This line will serve as the base for your wing. If you make any mistakes or your line is not as smooth as you’d like, don’t worry, you can always clean it up later.

Step 5: Create the wing
Next, connect the end of the wing to the center of your upper lash line, creating a triangle shape. This triangle will form the wing of your eyeliner. Make sure the wing is angled upwards and matches the shape and length on both eyes. Take your time and build up the thickness of the wing gradually, extending it as desired.

Step 6: Fill in the gaps
Once the wing is in place, fill in any gaps or empty spaces along your lash line. Extend the line towards the inner corner of your eye, keeping it thin and as close to the lash line as possible. This will create a seamless and polished look.

Step 7: Clean up any mistakes
If you made any mistakes or your lines aren’t as clean as you’d like, don’t fret. Dip a small, angled brush into makeup remover or concealer and gently clean up and sharpen the edges of your wing. This will give you a precise and flawless finish.

Step 8: Repeat on the other eye
Once you’re satisfied with the first eye, follow the same steps on the other eye. Remember to take your time and be patient. Practice makes perfect, and with time, you’ll be able to achieve symmetrical and stunning winged eyeliner on both eyes.

Step 9: Set your eyeliner
To ensure that your winged eyeliner lasts throughout the day, lightly dust translucent or setting powder over your liner. This will help to set it and minimize smudging or transferring.

Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner requires practice and patience, but with this step-by-step guide, you’ll be on your way to mastering this iconic makeup look. Remember to start with a clean canvas, choose the right eyeliner, and take your time to map out the wing and fill in any gaps. With a little practice, you’ll soon be rocking flawless winged eyeliner like a pro!

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